As COVID-19 spreads around the globe and news of more and more infections and impacts spreads even quicker, our kids are full of questions and anxiety. As schools close around the world and kids’ routines are disrupted and changed, they need reassurance and a sense of normalcy. Here at Hope 4 Hurting Kids, we are dedicated to providing the information and resources you need to help kids and teens to navigate these unprecedented and anxious times. Check back daily as we try to keep up with developments and provide you with information on how to help the kids and teens in your life.

COVID-19 Information Links

The following sites are considered authoritative in terms of providing information about COVID-19.

H4HK Articles

Each week (or more often) we will be publishing information to help you educate yourself, keep your kids informed and tend to your child(ren)’s emotional well being. As we have added more and more articles to the Covid-19 page, we’ve decided to organize things a little better. So, we have divided the articles into various categories.

The Latest

For our readers who check in every day to see what’s new, this is a running list of the latest articles posted on covid-19. Feel free to scroll through them all in order, or check out the categorized lists below.

Coronavirus Resources for Kids and Teens

These articles features resources, activities and information related to Covid-19 which are directed especially for kids and teens.

Emotions Related to Coronavirus

These articles relate to helping kids deal with the trauma, emotions and grief related to the current pandemic.

Articles Related to Coronavirus Prevention

These articles deal with issues related to prevention of Coronavirus like social distancing and hand washing.

General Coronavirus Information

These articles contain useful general information about coronavirus.

Other Coronavirus Related Articles

This category is for everything that doesn’t fit neatly into one of the categories above.

* Information about COVID-19 is coming fast and furious. At Hope 4 Hurting Kids, we are trying to share as much information as possible in as timely a manner as possible. We are not interested in recreating the wheel, and where we have identified useful resources, we are trying to share that information. This may include graphics that parents and other adults may find helpful. Wherever possible, we have tried to link back to the original source in each article for any such graphic. That said, it is never our intention to violate anyone else intellectual property rights, and if we have reposted something of yours that you would rather we not share, please let us know and we will take it down.

Links to Other Helpful Articles

Hope 4 Hurting Kids is not the only place to get information on helping kids deal with Coronavirus and COVID-19. Below we have collected some of the best resources and articles we have found on helping kids deal with the current crisis. The links are listed in reverse order by category and date added so you can keep track of updates.

Stay-At-Home Resources

Facts and Information

Talking to Children

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