Foster Care and Social Distancing

Foster Care and Social Distancing

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From the editor: We are pleased to feature another article from Kelly Rose Waller today on the impact of Covid-19 specifically Social Distancing and Foster Care. As a Foster Mom herself, Kelly knows first hand the impact this pandemic is having on these families and these kids. The excerpt below provides some great insight, and we’ve included a link below to the full article.

Life is so weird right now. We’re all in a strange movie. It’s lonely and boring, but we’re making it work… because we’re aware of how much worse it could, and might, get.

So, how is foster care different under social distancing and self-quarantine and generally living in a COVID-19 world?

  1. Courts are closed. Along with basically everything else, family courts are mostly closed. Emergencies are still being tended to, but a lot of things are getting ‘reviewed’ or ‘continued’ — basically a bunch of paperwork gets shuffled around but nothing changes. The heavy back log that most courts already deal with is only going to get worse. Adoptions that families have been counting down to for months, even years, have been postponed.

  2. Visitation is suspended. For families separated during this time, I can only imagine how much scarier this situation is. Many caseworkers are trying to do digital visits for bio parents to ‘see’ their kids, but we all know it isn’t the same. Siblings who are in different homes aren’t able to connect the same way, despite video chats.

  3. Home visits are digital. Caseworkers are calling foster parents on Skype, Zoom, Google Hangouts, and even Facebook messenger to check in. They watch us play, and I pan the camera around her bedroom so they can do their safety check through the screen.

Please click here to see the remainder of the article.

For more information and resources related to Covid-19, please visit our Covid-19 (Coronavirus) Resource Page.

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Written by Kelley Rose Waller
Kelley has a B.A. in English and is an avid writer. She enjoys writing to offer others insights based on her own observations and life experiences including being a foster parent. You can find more of her writing on her personal blog at Kelley also writes fiction to imagine new life experiences. Her debut novel, The Senator's Youngest Daughter, was released on October 1, 2016. Kelley's day job as a marketing strategist offers her the opportunity to write and plan for clients in diverse fields. Kelley is a ridiculous fan of science fiction and board games. She and her husband are foster parents and live in Lancaster PA with their three sons and their dog. Kelley lives and writes to uplift and glorify the name of Jesus Christ.