H4HK FAQsH4HK FAQs are questions we get frequently from kids and young adults who are suffering through a variety of circumstances. These FAQs represent answers to those questions. If you have a question you would like us to answer in the future, please use the Ask Us feature of the website.

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Will Things Ever Be Normal Again

H4HK FAQs: Will Things Ever Be “Normal” Again?

Divorce brings all kinds of changes into your life.  Some changes are obvious.  You no longer live in the same ...
Happy About My Parents' Divorce

H4HK FAQs: Is It OK To Be Happy About My Parents’ Divorce?

Divorce brings with it all kinds of different emotions.  If your parents are divorced, you already know that.  Sometimes you ...
Alimony and Child Support

H4HK FAQs: What Are Alimony and Child Support?

When parents get divorced, there are many things that have to be divided between them.  Things like family pictures, checking ...
Parents Say Bad Things About Each Other

H4HK FAQs: What Should I Do When My Parents Say Bad Things About Each Other?

Your parents would not have gotten a divorce if their relationship had not been strained in the first place.  In ...
Get My Parents Back Together

H4HK FAQs: What Can I Do To Get My Parents Back Together?

It is very common for children whose parents have divorced to hope that their parents might get back together.  Most ...
Respect and Honor My Parents After A Divorce

H4HK FAQs: How Can I Respect and Honor My Parents After A Divorce?

When your parents divorce, your entire world changes.  Many times, you are find out or are given information about one ...
Did I Cause My Parents' Divorce

H4HK FAQs: Did I Cause My Parents’ Divorce?

This may seem like a silly question to you.  If it does, that’s great, but there are lots of kids ...
What Is Divorce

H4HK FAQs: What Is Divorce?

Sometimes when parents talk to kids about things like divorce, they forget that you might not know what a divorce ...
What About God

H4HK FAQs: What About God?

If your parents are separated or divorced, you may have a lot of spiritual questions about God and faith and ...
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