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Our goal here at Hope 4 Hurting Kids is to help kids and teens to move from hurt to hope and healing. As part of that mission, in the past, we have offered ways to get in touch with us that included “Ask Us” (a support ticket type system), “One-on-One chat” (a vehicle where you could speak directly with someone from Hope 4 Hurting Kids to get help or just have someone to talk to) and our H4HK Chat Room. Our hope was to help as many kids and teens as possible through those vehicles, and we have helped many people.

However, due to internet regulations related to the collection of data from minors under the age of 13, we are now changing the method for getting help. Using the form below (with just a name and an email address), please let us know how we can help you. We are willing to offer advice, but we are also willing and available to just listen. You can also use this form if you have a question about Hope 4 Hurting Kids. It might not be as “slick” as the other tools, but hopefully it will allow us to continue to help people and comply with regulations developed to protect young kids (something we strongly support).

So, if you have a question, need advice or are just looking for someone to talk to, please fill out the form below. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can!

What number appears in the name of this website?

Within minutes of adding this contact form to offer help and hope to our users, we received numerous spam email from this from. Please answer the question above to prove you are not a robot.
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