A Hope 4 Hurting Kids, our mission is…

to help young people from diverse backgrounds, families, circumstances, and situations who are experiencing hurt, pain and adversity to find hope and healing.

As such, we strive to offer quality resources and information to kids and teens in a variety of circumstances. We also strive to equip people who work with these young people to speak hope and healing into their lives in a variety of ways. We do that, in part, by bringing together a variety of contributors who can speak to the situations, circumstances and effects these kids are dealing with.

However, we also want to hear from you – those young people who are currently going through situations and those who went through these situations as children and teens who can speak to what it was like, what helped and what different. To that end, we are developing a series of surveys in the hopes that you, the readers and users of Hope 4 Hurting Kids, can help us to better serve these hurting kids.

We intend to roll out new surveys every so often, so check back frequently, but here are the surveys we are currently running:

Children of Divorce (For people whose parents separated or divorced before you were an adult)

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