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Information and resources to help young people deal with the difficult emotions in their life including understanding emotions, coping with emotions and overcoming difficult emotions. This page also include information, resources and ideas for dealing with grief.
Information and resources to help young people living in a modern family or dealing with family life in general. This includes all types of families including divorced, foster families, adoptive families, single parent families, cohabitation, grandparent led families and more as well as family issues like running away and more.
Information and resources to help young people dealing with trauma and destructive behaviors including abuse, abandonment, domestic violence, natural disasters, neglect, sexual abuse, bullying, cutting, self-harm and more.
Welcome to Hope 4 Hurting Kids [H4HK]! We strive to help young people on the journey from hurt and trauma to hope and healing. The resources and information available here generally fall into one of the three categories shown above. Please select one of those option to explore issues related to dealing with emotions, life in modern families or dealing with trauma. We do write about other topics including inspirational articles, mentoring and more. You can find those here.

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Comprehensive Emotions Management Plan

In working with hurting kids, you quickly realize that helping them to deal with the difficult emotions in their lives is a major part in helping them to heal. That's why we developed a comprehensive emotions management plan called Jump In! Stand Strong! Rise Up! to help kids understand, cope with and overcome their emotions.
Super Simple Feelings Management Technique
Jump In! is all about not avoiding the emotions that we deal with. The Super Simple Feelings Management Technique represents the Jump In! portion of our comprehensive emotions management plan. This entails teaching young people to See It! Say It! Feel It! Mimic It! and Talk About It!
Please Don't Sweat The Small Stuff
If you're going to encourage young people to Jump In! and deal with their emotions, you have to give them coping skills to deal with those emotions. That's where Stand Strong! comes in. Represented by the mneumonic "Please Don't Sweat The Small Stuff," this element of the plan encompasses six types of coping skills: Physical, Diversion, Soothing, Thinking, Social and Spiritual.
Grand Feelings Exit Plan
Once we have taught young people to cope with their emotions and how to deal with them, it is time to help them Rise Up! - to overcome the difficult emotions in their lives. The mneumonic for Rise Up! is "Grand Feelings Exit Plan" which reminds us of the four signs we have overcome our emotions: Gratitude, Forgiveness, Empathy and Pushing On.

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