H4HK FAQsH4HK FAQs are questions we get frequently from kids and young adults who are suffering through a variety of circumstances. These FAQs represent answers to those questions. If you have a question you would like us to answer in the future, please use the Ask Us feature of the website.

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Will I Ever Be Happy Again

H4HK FAQs: Will I Ever Be Happy Again?

When your parents get separated or divorced, you will experience emotions that you may never have had before.  You will ...
Still Have A Family

H4HK FAQs: My Parents Got A Divorce; Do I Still Have A Family?

When parents get a divorce, there are a ton of changes that happen.  Sometimes one parent moves out and you ...
Am I The Only One

H4HK FAQs: Am I The Only One Going Through This?

Divorce is hard, and as a child divorce you may wonder if anyone else understands what you are going through.  ...
Living In Two Homes

H4HK FAQs: How Can I Make Living In Two Homes Easier?

Let’s face it, if you live part-time at both your mom’s house and your dad’s house, it can be hard ...
Why Didn't I See The Divorce of My Parents Coming

H4HK FAQs: Why Didn’t I See The Divorce of My Parents Coming?

Many kids are shocked when they find out that their parents are getting a divorce.  Some parents fight a lot, ...
Custody And Visitation

H4HK FAQs: What Is Custody And Visitation?

When your parents were married, they likely worked together to make decisions regarding you, and you probably all lived in ...
Parent's New Boyfriend / Girlfriend

H4HK FAQs: What Should I Do If I Don’t Like My Parent’s New Boyfriend / Girlfriend?

Many children of single parents end up in a situation where their parents start dating again and they don’t like ...
Good About Divorce

H4HK FAQs: Is There Anything Good About Divorce?

The following article was submitted by a user of the site. Yikes. What a tough question! Divorce is tough, and ...
Person Who Caused the Split

H4HK FAQs: What Do I Do if My Parent Is Still With the Person Who Caused the Split?

One of the questions that comes up more than any other after parents separate is, what do I do if ...
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