H4HK FAQsH4HK FAQs are questions we get frequently from kids and young adults who are suffering through a variety of circumstances. These FAQs represent answers to those questions. If you have a question you would like us to answer in the future, please use the Ask Us feature of the website.

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How Do I Forgive

H4HK FAQs: How Do I Forgive My Parents For What They Have Done?

In an earlier article, we looked at why it is so important to forgive people who have hurt us: Should ...
Parents' Divorce My Fault

H4HK FAQs: Was My Parents’ Divorce My Fault?

If you are wondering if your parents’ divorce or separation is your fault, you are not alone.  Most children of ...
When Your Parents Get Divorced

H4HK FAQs: What Is It Like When Your Parents Get Divorced?

This article from SafeTeen.org helps teens to understand how they might feel following the divorce of their parents and things ...
Tell My Parents

H4HK FAQs: Should I Tell My Parents How I Feel?

Following the divorce or separation of your parents, your relationship with them may feel distant or strained.  It may be ...
Love the Other

H4HK FAQs: What Do I Do When One of My Parents Doesn’t Want Me to Love the Other?

If you ever wonder if it’s ok to love both of your parents after a divorce or separation, the answer ...
Where Was God

H4HK FAQs: Where Was God When My Parents Got Divorced?

That is a fair question, and if you’ve gone to church and/or believe in God you may very well have ...
Keep In Touch

H4HK FAQs: How Can I Keep In Touch If My Mom or Dad Doesn’t Live Close Anymore?

Many times when people get divorced, one or both or the parties to the divorce move.  It may be just ...
Should I Forgive My Parents

H4HK FAQs: Should I Forgive My Parents For What They Have Done?

When your parents split up, it’s easy to blame them and be angry about it. After all, they (or at ...
Parent Wants Nothing to Do With Me

H4HK FAQs: What Can I Do If My Parent Wants Nothing to Do With Me?

When people get divorced, relationships suffer.  Obviously, your parents’ relationship is different, but it can also hurt your relationship with ...
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