Ideas for Dealing With Anxiety (Pinterest Spotlight)

Here at Hope for Hurting Kids, we strive to point you to resources which can help kids, teens, and those who love them deal with some of the many issues kids face today. One way we choose to do that is to offer extensive boards on Pinterest compiling resources and links to resources on a variety of topics. This allows us to make more resources available quicker to help you. You can find our collection of boards on a variety of topics at

Pinterest - H4HK - Emotions - Anxiety and FearOn Pinterest, our goal is to link to as many resources as possible which may be useful. In order to accomplish this, we do not always review each resource which we pin. We also realize that some people are not Pinterest users (note: you do not have to have a Pinterest account in order to utilize our resources). So, we have decided to feature the best of our Pinterest boards here on the site on a regular basis in a feature we call Pinterest Spotlight.

This week we turn to our “Emotions – Anxiety and Stress” Board which features resources to help kids and teens deal with things like anxiety, fear and panic attacks. For kids, these emotions can be the result of circumstances in their lives (like divorce of their parents, bullying, etc.) or just a general sense of impending doom.

Today’s featured pin comes to us from which is a website developed by Jennifer Johnson as a result of her own struggles with anxiety. In this infographic, she offers five tips for helping people of any age to relieve anxiety.

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What You Need to Know About Child Abuse and Neglect

imageWhen you think about hurting kids, one of the first thing that comes to mind is children who have been abused or neglected.  Over 1.2 million children suffer harm from child abuse or neglect per year. That equates to 17.1 children per 1,000 or approximately 1 in every 58 children. When children who are endangered by abuse or neglect are added to those figures, the numbers rise to over 2.9 million kids or 39.5 per thousand. That equates to one in every 25 children. The reach and magnitude of abuse and neglect are as varied as the forms of abuse and the types of children who experience it.

In the article “When The Bough Breaks,” Martin Johnson wrote:

“Perhaps the most important part of understanding child abuse is realizing the depth of physical and emotional pain the child victim must feel. As adults in ministry to children, we can see the crisis intellectually, yet it’s extremely difficult for us to genuinely empathize with the hurt and isolation the child feels – unless we’ve felt it too. And sometimes we simply don’t recognize that real, serious, ongoing abuse is taking place in the homes of some of the children we minister to every week. Sometimes, we just don’t realize the problem.”

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15 Things to Do When Talking to An Abused or Neglected Child

imageIf you discover that a child is being abused, or if a child comes right out and tells you, it can be an uncomfortable situation, and it is often difficult to find the “right thing” to say to them. Many times there is no “right thing” to say, but you can be prepared by knowing how to handle the situation. Here are some suggestions.

1. Avoid Denial and Remain Calm

If your actions, tone or words reveal a sense of denial or shock or disgust, the child may react by shutting down. You need to remain as calm and as reassuring as you possibly can. Don’t be afraid to talk about it. If children sense that you are afraid to talk, they will not bring it up and they will definitely not open up. Remember, children don’t benefit from “not thinking about it” or “putting things out of their mind.” They benefit from talking about their emotions and working through what they have experienced.

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Pinterest and Hope 4 Hurting Kids

imageThere’s a new way to get help here on Hope 4 Hurting Kids.  This past weekend, we launched our presence and efforts to accumulate useful information on Pinterest.  If you’re on Pinterest, you know that it can be a wealth of information. Unfortunately, sometimes it is so much information that it’s hard to find exactly what you’re looking for. Our goal here at Hope 4 Hurting Kids is to draw your attention to information and resource to help young people who are hurting because of the events and circumstances in their lives. We will continue to do that here on this blog, but Pinterest gives us an opportunity and ability to share more information in a more immediate way.

On our Pinterest site, you will find boards (a collection of pins/links to useful information and resources) in the following categories:

We will also be adding additional boards as we see the need.  Make sure to head over Pinterest and check us out. If you are a Pinterest user, and you’d like to be able to post to our boards, please contact and request to be added as a contributor (please indicate which boards you would like to be able to post to).

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What Defines You?

Quote Flower in Rock

Is your family different? Have your parents divorced? Have you done things that you are ashamed of? Did your mom leave when you were young? Did you ever know your Dad? Whatever the environment you are in, or come from, looks like, it doesn’t have to define who you are! It may explain certain things about you, but you don’t have to let it define you!  Like the beautiful flower springing up from the dry cracked ground around it, you are capable of being so much more than your past.


Help for Kids and Teens Contemplating Suicide

imageSometimes the pressure and pain of life can make it seem almost unbearable.  In those moments, many children, teens and young adults contemplate suicide.  Many actually get to such a point of despair that they attempt suicide, and tragically way too many every year actually do take there own lives. Now, there is help! This booklet from The Hope Line titled Understanding Suicide is designed for those working with kids who may be contemplating suicide.  It includes sections on:

  • Myths & Truths
  • Risk Factors
  • The Most Common Methods of Suicice
  • Teen Suicide Warning Signs
  • How to Help a Suicidal Person
  • A Portrait in Words
  • When Support is Availble

If you know a hurting young person, this booklet will be a valuable resource!  CLICK HERE to download a free copy of Understanding Suicide from The Hope Line!

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What’s Your Story?

Once-upon-a-timeMy mother died days after I turned six years old.  For six years, my father raised myself and my three brothers by himself to fulfill a promise he had made to my mother.  When I was twelve, my father remarried and we plunged head first into the world of step families.  At the time, it all seemed so very normal to me at the same time all the while knowing that my family was different.  There were some struggles and some hard times, but that’s family.  That’s my story.  We all have a story, and for those of us who did not grow up in “traditional families” often have stories marked by loss, pain and longing for something we felt like we should have had.

Do you fit into any of the following categories as a kid?

  • Growing up or grew up without a father?
  • Growing up or grew up without a mother?
  • Live or lived in single-parent home?
  • Live or lived in a step-family?
  • Live or lived with unmarried cohabiting parent?
  • Have gay parents?
  • Have step or half siblings?
  • Live or lived with your grandparents?
  • Live or lived with an aunt, uncle or other relative?
  • Live or lived with a friends’ family?
  • Growing up or grew up in foster care?
  • Growing up or grew up in some other environment other than with your natural married parents?

If so, we want to hear your story and give you the opportunity to get your story out there.  Please comment on this article below and share with others.  Together, let’s share our stories (the good, the bad and the ugly) to help others in the same situation.

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