One-on-One Chat With H4HK

This one-on-one chat box is intended for individuals who want to chat one-on-one with someone from Hope 4 Hurting Kids. You can open the chat window by clicking on the link below or by clicking on the orange conversation button on any page at Hope 4 Hurting Kids. Feel free to initiate a chat if you need help and would like to have a real-time conversation with someone from H4HK(we will get back to you if we aren’t around when you leave a message).

If you are interested in a continuing and longer term mentoring type relationship, check out our Ask Us feature. This option provides the opportunity for you to come back to the same person over and over if you have more issues or other things you would like to talk about. Conversations that start here are sometimes transferred to Ask Us to continue the conversation in a chat format and vice versa at the request of the user.

If you are interested in our community chat rooms (chatting with other users in a group in a more public forum), please check out our H4HK Chat Rooms covering a variety of topics.

Chat with Us!

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